UNICEF UK wanted to reinvigorate their website to coincide with a campaign to refocus the goals communicated by their branding and identity. They felt that their existing website did not successfully communicate their goals or allow ease of use through effective user experience design and information architecture. It was also important to them to create an environment that fostered rich, engaging storytelling.

As a charity focusing on the protection of children's rights, the website should be a window into their worlds with clear and bold photography flavouring the users experience.

This redesign presented the opportunity to create a rich, dynamic storytelling experience. By fostering exploration it is possible to link together content to present a wider range of media. Now a news article isn't just a news article, it's a news article that leads to a blog post that's connected to a related video that can usher you to the 'Take Action' section. UNICEF can connect all of it's media outlets together to show the user a bigger picture and empower them to take action if they feel inspired to.

This is the highest budget we’ve had for online
— Julia Gorton, head of new media at Unicef UK
The website redesign was part of a seven-figure integrated marketing campaign, including UNICEF UK's largest ever digital investment, to support a five-year marketing push.

Dynamic storytelling

By linking content and actions together through an intuitive navigation interface, users would be encouraged to explore and create their own stories. These stories could then be drawn through into the action of a donation.

This dynamic linking also allows UNICEF to create engaging, user lead appeals that guide to related media and to specific fundraising actions.

Now UNICEF don't have to push very hard for donations, they can just integrate it naturally into the user journey. The path a user takes is always in their own hands, but we have crafted an interface that gives them the opportunity to take an action like donation or fundraising at any point in their journey.

Role: Information architecture, UX design, visual design.


Posted on September 8, 2013 .