Ideal Standard International Corporate Intranet

Ideal Standard International is a multinational bathroom fixture company that operates around the world. Like many corporations, their intranet was an underused, undervalued tool.

The redesign was an opportunity to update the architecture and functionality of the site to make it easier to get to useful and interesting content and create a more social experience.


Rich content

To make the site truly useful and encourage users to keep coming back, the site was designed to focus on regular editorial and useful company information. 


Refreshed architecture

The architecture of the site was completely redesigned to organise content based on the user, rather than the organisation's structure or processes.


Crafted components

To create a more compelling experience and encourage users to return, special attention was made to crafting every component.

Role: Information architecture, feature development, UX design, visual design, client design meetings.

Posted on September 9, 2013 .