Fezzee - Connecting festival goers

An early version of the festival dashboard

An early version of the festival dashboard

Fezzee is a native iOS app created to connect music festival goers with unique experiences, their favourite music and each other. Offering personalised festival info, scheduling and line-up details, as well as chat, Fezzee allows music lovers to connect with the information they need as well as each other - even when there's no network coverage.

In the run-up to a showcase at SXSW, Fezzee needed to completely overhaul their user experience and visual design in just three weeks.


User Experience

Working with the CEO and VP of Sales, I collected the projects requirements and created UX documentation to capture the structure, functionality and experience of the native app, web based management and publishing interface and the public facing PR website.

Brand Evolution

We then explored avenues for visual brand expression with examples of publicity material and cross-platform interfaces.

Working towards an 'Nevada sunrise' motif to capture the energy and vitality of the CEO's experiences at festivals like Burning Man we explored a range of visual design routes. Finally we settled on a design language that consolidated and evolved the existing brand to be more consistent, emotive and flexible.

Cross Platform User Interfaces

After selecting and refining a visual design language, I created UI designs for key app screens, the management interface and a responsive public facing website.

Posted on July 23, 2015 .