Psycle: Fitness and Lifestyle Website


This new spin class and lifestyle brand was just starting out when this project began. They had an idea to revolutionise personal fitness with new class formats and a unique business model.

At the birth of their company, they needed an entirely new graphic design approach that would hit home with their savvy audience and capture their brand values, as well as a website that would form the foundation of their business.

Visual tone

Psycle had not yet established a visual voice, so together we experimented with styles and approaches, finally establishing a tone and character that they felt captured their values.

Bold and simple content

Having established a tone of voice, the website echoed this attention to detail, simple and elegant shapes and lines, and straightforward copywriting.

Elegant web forms

No longer a contradiction in terms. Psycle's web forms were designed to be clear, simple and an elegant experience. 

Online booking system

Psycle's online booking system included natural language class discovery, simple layouts, personalised recommendations and account management. 

Posted on October 1, 2013 .