Fezzee - Connecting festival goers

An early version of the festival dashboard

An early version of the festival dashboard

Fezzee is a native iOS app created to connect music festival goers with unique experiences, their favourite music and each other. Offering personalised festival info, scheduling and line-up details, as well as chat, Fezzee allows music lovers to connect with the information they need as well as each other - even when there's no network coverage.

In the run-up to a showcase at SXSW, Fezzee needed to completely overhaul their user experience and visual design in just three weeks.


User Experience

Working with the CEO and VP of Sales, I collected the projects requirements and created UX documentation to capture the structure, functionality and experience of the native app, web based management and publishing interface and the public facing PR website.

Brand Evolution

We then explored avenues for visual brand expression with examples of publicity material and cross-platform interfaces.

Working towards an 'Nevada sunrise' motif to capture the energy and vitality of the CEO's experiences at festivals like Burning Man we explored a range of visual design routes. Finally we settled on a design language that consolidated and evolved the existing brand to be more consistent, emotive and flexible.

Cross Platform User Interfaces

After selecting and refining a visual design language, I created UI designs for key app screens, the management interface and a responsive public facing website.

Posted on July 23, 2015 .

Max Fordham - Beautiful Engineering

Max Fordham are a renowned architectural engineering firm that have built a reputation for an environmentally sustainable and human-centric design approach. They've worked with great architects such as Zaha Hadid and Foster and Partners.

The Max Fordham website was a complete redesign putting their work and expertise centre stage. This responsive site with an editorial feel takes advantage of their central tenet: a celebration of the beauty that is inevitable from brilliant problem solving.

Visit MaxFordham.com on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Posted on September 8, 2014 .

The Partners Mobile Site

The Partners is an international brand strategy, design and innovation agency that works with some of the world's biggest brands - including the BBC, Ford, Vodaphone and Jaguar.

They needed a mobile site to compliment their visually rich portfolio website.


Posted on November 7, 2013 .

Staff Evaluation and Development App

With tools for both managers and staff, the app creates customised learning and development programs for individuals based on their performance and unique role requirements.

Get to tools quickly with the app dashbaord

Get to tools quickly with the app dashbaord


Evaluate staff on the skills needed for specific roles. Get an overview of past and present evaluation performance for an entire team at a glance.



Create tailored development plans for team members and track their progress as they complete predefined training to improve the skills required for their role.



Training material is chosen, organised and delivered through the app as a training timeline on which team members can track their progress. E-learning can be completed on their own as well as in group training sessions facilitated by the app's social features that connect team members with others that have or require the same skills.

Posted on October 4, 2013 .

Psycle: Fitness and Lifestyle Website


This new spin class and lifestyle brand was just starting out when this project began. They had an idea to revolutionise personal fitness with new class formats and a unique business model.

At the birth of their company, they needed an entirely new graphic design approach that would hit home with their savvy audience and capture their brand values, as well as a website that would form the foundation of their business.

Visual tone

Psycle had not yet established a visual voice, so together we experimented with styles and approaches, finally establishing a tone and character that they felt captured their values.

Bold and simple content

Having established a tone of voice, the website echoed this attention to detail, simple and elegant shapes and lines, and straightforward copywriting.

Elegant web forms

No longer a contradiction in terms. Psycle's web forms were designed to be clear, simple and an elegant experience. 

Online booking system

Psycle's online booking system included natural language class discovery, simple layouts, personalised recommendations and account management. 

Posted on October 1, 2013 .

Save Armstrong Fundraising Website


Storytelling and fundraising are brought together in this interactive map for the Sumatran Orangutan Society. 100% responsive, touching and fun.



The story is told by scrolling down an isometric map that shows the industrial threats faced by the Sumatran orangutan's forest habitat.



As part of the same map, the user can select a piece of destroyed habitat and help it to recover by donating or tweeting. 

The idea was to use the same elements that tell the story to encourage people to donate. That way, we could make a seamless and rewarding experience.

Role: Market research and competitor analysis, concept generation, concept artwork, UX design for interactions and donation system, visual design.

Posted on September 11, 2013 .

Brightening Up Film Streaming Services

This was some pitch work for a film streaming service who wanted some ideas for pushing forward their user experience.


Role: Ethnographic user research, market research and competitor analysis, leading of team briefing and ideation workshops, UX design, visual design, presentation to client.

Posted on September 10, 2013 .

Ideal Standard International Corporate Intranet

Ideal Standard International is a multinational bathroom fixture company that operates around the world. Like many corporations, their intranet was an underused, undervalued tool.

The redesign was an opportunity to update the architecture and functionality of the site to make it easier to get to useful and interesting content and create a more social experience.


Rich content

To make the site truly useful and encourage users to keep coming back, the site was designed to focus on regular editorial and useful company information. 


Refreshed architecture

The architecture of the site was completely redesigned to organise content based on the user, rather than the organisation's structure or processes.


Crafted components

To create a more compelling experience and encourage users to return, special attention was made to crafting every component.

Role: Information architecture, feature development, UX design, visual design, client design meetings.

Posted on September 9, 2013 .

Detective Themed Digital Learning Tool


UCB wanted a digital learning tool to increase the knowledge and capability of their marketing department. To make the experience more fun for their staff, the system was given a noir detective theme.

UCB is a €3.2 billion multinational biopharmaceutical manufacturing company



The site featured tasks, questionnaires and interactive storytelling elements

The site featured tasks, questionnaires and interactive storytelling elements.


Infographics accompanied much of the learning content.

Infographics accompanied the learning content.

Role: UX design and visual design, including infographics, ineractive tasks and storytelling elements.

Posted on September 9, 2013 .

Hulu and Netflix Artwork

In a recent block of client work, I got to create artwork for some critically acclaimed and beloved TV shows for their debut on streaming video platforms Hulu and Netflix. 

Posted on September 9, 2013 .

Future Hope Identity


Future Hope was established in 1988 to provide housing, education and medical care to street children in India at risk of illness, abuse and exploitation. They wanted to present a refreshed identity concept to represent their organisation as effective, authoritative and professional to potential investors.

By creating a striking and playful identity system for them and creating a concept website design with a focus on clearly defined messaging and actions, they could present themselves as effective, professional and approachable.

Future Hope are still connecting with investors to widen the scope of their organisation, armed now with clear visual tools to illustrate their goals.



Web Concept


Role: Concept development, visual design.

Posted on September 8, 2013 .


UNICEF UK wanted to reinvigorate their website to coincide with a campaign to refocus the goals communicated by their branding and identity. They felt that their existing website did not successfully communicate their goals or allow ease of use through effective user experience design and information architecture. It was also important to them to create an environment that fostered rich, engaging storytelling.

As a charity focusing on the protection of children's rights, the website should be a window into their worlds with clear and bold photography flavouring the users experience.

This redesign presented the opportunity to create a rich, dynamic storytelling experience. By fostering exploration it is possible to link together content to present a wider range of media. Now a news article isn't just a news article, it's a news article that leads to a blog post that's connected to a related video that can usher you to the 'Take Action' section. UNICEF can connect all of it's media outlets together to show the user a bigger picture and empower them to take action if they feel inspired to.

This is the highest budget we’ve had for online
— Julia Gorton, head of new media at Unicef UK
The website redesign was part of a seven-figure integrated marketing campaign, including UNICEF UK's largest ever digital investment, to support a five-year marketing push.

Dynamic storytelling

By linking content and actions together through an intuitive navigation interface, users would be encouraged to explore and create their own stories. These stories could then be drawn through into the action of a donation.

This dynamic linking also allows UNICEF to create engaging, user lead appeals that guide to related media and to specific fundraising actions.

Now UNICEF don't have to push very hard for donations, they can just integrate it naturally into the user journey. The path a user takes is always in their own hands, but we have crafted an interface that gives them the opportunity to take an action like donation or fundraising at any point in their journey.

Role: Information architecture, UX design, visual design.


Posted on September 8, 2013 .