Hi, I'm Andrew Sims, a UX and Visual Designer.

I design digital products, tools and communications that empower and entertain. I hope that my work can enrich people's lives as well as help businesses thrive. 

Could the High-street be the Future of Digital Retail?

How can physical retail possibly keep pace with the explosive growth of online behemoths such as Amazon, eBay and myriad other marketplaces?

Woah. The Internet. That's a bold question right? Well, it's one that was posted recently on Quora. It's a pretty broad notion, but it got me thinking. As a popular science nerd, I had to try and answer this.

Design research empowers us to innovate confidently. It has the power to inform our vision of what digital products and services need to accomplish to be successful. It brings real-world insight into both businesses and their customers, saving time and money by clarifying what is needed to build the right thing.

Consumers have developed a taste for design. They choose their services and products based on the desirability, utility and rewards of good design.