The Internet Now: A Manifesto (kind of)

The Internet.jpg

Digital is woven into our day to day experiences of culture, media, information and community. Digital communications, tools and services help us to connect with our communities, find information and be entertained regardless of geography, time, age, gender or social background.

Businesses are recognising the need to engage their audiences on their terms to be heard above the din of the billions of people, and thousands of companies that are all competing for attention.

Standing out in that crowd requires effective, targeted communications that connect with your audience’s values, inform them and offer value, and entertain them in ways that grab their attention and encourage them to get involved.



The web is a space for people to communicate, share, build relationships and collaborate. In this space individuals and organisations come together into communities to support shared goals that speak to their individual interests, passions and needs.



Contemporary audiences expect value and usefulness from brands. In return for useful tools, relevant information and meaningful experiences, they will give you their attention, participation, advocacy and trust.



The web offers unparalleled opportunities for communication. Interactive storytelling, animation, illustration, photography, video, audio, design and typography can communicate your message in ways that not only inform, but entertain and delight.


Innovation is not a luxury

Innovative products and communications aren’t a luxury, they are crucial to being heard in a crowded media landscape. Today’s audiences are never more than a click away from ignoring your message (users generally decide if they’re in the right place in the first seven seconds of visiting a website). They know the value of their actions, but are more than happy to spend their time on something if they feel it's valuable to them.

Where can you meet your audience when they are most receptive? At home on their computer? In the street with a digital projection? In their hands on the move?


Posted on August 31, 2013 .