About Me

I've worked on projects with companies big and small, but what gets me out of bed in the morning is the excitement of tackling new challenges with great people. It’s not about size, or about having a brand name to put in your portfolio - it’s about working with people who are doing it right to deliver fantastic experiences.

Design is about problem solving. About bringing together ideas, processes and technology to answer user needs and reach business goals. Making great digital products is done by making things with purpose - with strong guiding values and a story to tell.

There’s no process that can guarantee success, but being flexible and responsive, attentive to details, focused with your goals and open and inclusive with a wide variety of specialisms and viewpoints can substantially improve your odds.

I love working in Agile teams, SCRUMing in the morning and Kanban-ing until the sun sets. It's also important to make space for designs and ideas to grow, to find inspiration and give the seeds of creativity time to germinate.


Senior Designer, Nov 2015 - Present  |  Funding Circle

Funding Circle is a Peer-to-peer lending platform that connects businesses looking for finance with individuals and organisations that have money to lend. My role on the design team at Funding Circle includes designing memorable and purposeful experiences for our public facing product, internal tools and marketing experiences.

Building on research, collaborations with the multi-talented and industry leading specialists at Funding Circle, I also input on the realisation of strategic programmes into product experiences. This involves translating business, performance and technology goals into UX and design research, experience principles, product vision and ultimately design systems built to delvier.


Senior Designer, Nov 2014 - Nov 2015  |  Prospect

Prospect is a digital consultancy that creates digital service experiences that overcome the challenges businesses face in an increasingly digitised world. Working with clients such as Tesco, Nokia, the scientific journal Nature, Europcar and a variety of startups, Prospect prides themselves on a customer-centric service and product design approach.

Using research and service design methodologies to discover customer needs, validate ideas and reveal new opportunities, Prospect has created service experiences that range from smarter retail, easier travel, more relevant publishing and more approachable technology.


Senior Designer Feb 2014 - Nov 2014  |  Native Design

Working with companies like HP, Samsung, Audi, Bentley and B&W, Native designs the products of the future.

Collaborating with some of the most talented folks in the world, my role was to conceptualise and develop designs for forward-looking interaction and visual communication systems. Designs that exceed the expectations of our clients and challenge the norms of their industries.


Middleweight Designer 2012 - 2014  |  Orangutan Studio

Fast paced digital agency where work could rapidly switch from campaign sites for SMEs to a social learning and development platform for a multinational with thousands of employees, my role was to research, conceptualise and visualise digital products to reach our client’s goals.

Whether creating concept interfaces for Panasonic, internal communication platforms for Deloitte or social staff development tools for companies like Ideal Standard, we created interactive systems to answer business needs that were tailored to their users. 


Interactive Designer 2009 - 2012  |  Convio

Working with some of greatest charities and not-for-profits in the world - like UNICEF, Cancer Research UK and Great Ormond Street Hospital - we created engaging digital experiences that incorporated web, mobile, events, social media, email, SaaS platforms and online fundraising.

My approach


It’s human nature to shape our understanding of our lives and of the world around us through storytelling. Using storytelling to innovate around products and services can help to refocus what can be dry, technical conversations back on to people. Deconstructing the journeys customers take, painting a picture of their characters and needs, and mapping the story of our product, helps both those who are creating the product and those whose needs and expectations need to be met. I talk more about shaping products with storytelling on my blog post Reshape Your Digital Product with Storytelling.



Designing interactive experiences is centred on understanding what businesses want to achieve and what their customers need. The better your understanding, the better your ability to craft simple, unobtrusive and brilliant experiences.

Making sense of business goals, user needs, research, and technology calls for close collaboration across disciplines, and openness with colleagues and clients. Research is core to understanding users and businesses, but is no substitute for creativity and experimentation.

I talk about the importance of research and how it can inform the design process in my blog post Design Research: Driving Innovation with Insight.



Customers make their purchasing decisions based on the desirability of design. Experiences are made or broken by the clarity and richness of their design. I’m passionate about the power of design and UX to communicate with clarity, to connect with people emotionally, and go beyond answering user and business needs, to become delightful. I talk about the shifting role of design on my blog post Design is a Battlefield.


What drives me

I love working with passionate teams, driven by a love of craft and a desire to create wonderful things. I’m energised by challenges and am passionate about bringing creativity and design thinking to bear to solve them.

Conceptual vision is essential for driving design, but focus on the little details - the micro-interactions - can make the difference between great and delightful. I'm fascinated by the dichotomy within designing interactive products - a UI should be almost invisible, seamlessly guiding users to content or tasks without a second thought, but brand experiences should be meaningful, memorable and engaging. This conflict and the balance of these forces are what bring digital experience to life.

The tools of visual design: Colour, mood, tone, typography, photography, illustration, graphics, video, grid systems, copywriting; all are brought to life in digital experiences. Digital is a fantastic medium for communication and experimentation.

How I got started

That's me in the red.

That's me in the red.

I've always enjoyed making thinks, drawing, taking things apart.

I built my first computer when I was twelve, and since then have been fascinated by technology and solving problems by plugging things into other things.

Growing up, I was inspired by the humanity and energy of editorial designer David Carson (you should watch his great TED talk). University introduced me to the tools and history of design, informed by the brutalism of bauhaus and the simple elegance of Scandinavian design, my sensibilities blended into a balance of emotional and functional design.

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