Hi, I'm Andrew Sims, a UX and Visual Designer.

I design digital products, tools and communications that empower and entertain. I hope that my work can enrich people's lives as well as help businesses thrive. 


Consumers have developed a taste for design. They choose their services and products based on the desirability, utility and rewards of good design.


The Web Enabled Business

The web is more than just a publishing platform, it can completely change the way businesses operate. Those that fail to offer the relationships and effectiveness their customer's expect will suffer.

Branding Digital Experiences

Interfaces and digital experiences are as much a part of a brand as it’s logo - they’re all elements created to communicate values, character and purpose.

We Are All Makers Now: Connecting With Customer Creativity

Self-expression is a fundamental human need. Answering that need fosters a deep sense of reward and community. By channeling that creativity into brands and products, businesses can transform customers into communities - and their products into conversations that bring people together.